Loof Lirpa! Update

On Sunday, I finally got the videos I’ve been taking on the camera onto the computer (thanks to half the family working on it, lol).  So, a month and a half later, here are the Loof Lirpa! videos:

When Dad got home, we told him about the Loof Lirpa and how it didn’t show up.  We wrote loof lirpa on a paper and had Esther read it in a mirror.  Finally, she got it!  It was cute.

Then she & Jared drew what they thought a Loof Lirpa bird would look like:


2 responses to “Loof Lirpa! Update

  1. Haha I love their loof lirpas!

  2. The videos still aren’t working for me, but the pictures are cute!

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